wyoming birds

There are many different types of birds that live in Wyoming. Some common birds that can be found in the state are the American crow, the bald eagle, the golden eagle, the northern flicker, and the western meadowlark.

wyoming birds
Birds are a vital part of the Wyoming ecosystem. There are over 400 species of birds in the state, many of which are protected under state and federal law. Birds play an important role in controlling insects and other pests, pollinating plants, and dispersing seeds.

They also provide critical habitat for other wildlife species. The majority of Wyoming’s birds spend at least part of the year in the state. However, some species only visit during migration or for summer breeding grounds.

A few examples of these “ transient ” visitors include the American white pelican, trumpeter swan, common loon, and peregrine falcon . Wyoming is home to several large bird populations , including one of North America’s largest concentrations of bald eagles . Other notable residents include sandhill cranes , who mate for life and often return to the same nesting ground year after year; Ferruginous hawks , which hunt from perches or while flying low over open areas; and golden eagles , which use their powerful talons to snatch prey from mid-air.

What is the Most Common Bird in Wyoming?

The most common bird in Wyoming is the American Goldfinch. This small, sparrow-like bird is found throughout the state and is a common sight at backyard feeders. The American Goldfinch is easily identified by its bright yellow plumage and black wingtips.

These birds are often seen in flocks feeding on thistle seeds or other small seeds.

What is the Largest Bird in Wyoming?

The largest bird in Wyoming is the Trumpeter Swan. This bird can be found in many different parts of the state, but is most commonly seen in the Yellowstone National Park area. The Trumpeter Swan is a very large bird, with a wingspan that can reach up to 8 feet!

This bird is all white, with a black bill and legs. The Trumpeter Swan is an excellent swimmer and can often be seen swimming in lakes and ponds. These birds eat mostly aquatic plants, but will also eat insects and small fish.

What is the Black And White Bird Wyoming?

The black and white bird Wyoming is a species of finch. It is native to the western United States and Canada. It is a small bird with a black body and white wings.

The male has a red breast. The female has a gray breast. The birds are found in open areas such as meadows, fields, and forests.

They eat insects and seeds.

How Many Species of Birds are in Wyoming?

There are over 400 species of birds in Wyoming! This includes both native and non-native birds. Some of the more popular bird species that can be found in Wyoming include the American Goldfinch, Bald Eagle, Blue Jay, and Northern Mockingbird.

Wyoming Birds of Prey

Wyoming is home to many different species of birds of prey, including eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons. These magnificent creatures are an important part of the state’s ecosystem, and they can be found in all corners of Wyoming. Eagles are perhaps the most iconic bird of prey in Wyoming (and in the United States as a whole).

There are two species of eagle that call Wyoming home: the bald eagle and the golden eagle. Bald eagles can be found near bodies of water throughout the state, while golden eagles are more often seen in open areas like grasslands or mountainsides. Both species primarily eat fish, but they will also hunt small mammals or birds if necessary.

Hawks are another common bird of prey in Wyoming. There are several different species of hawk that live in the state, including red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, and sharp-shinned hawks. Hawks typically hunt smaller animals like rodents or birds, although some larger species may also prey on rabbits or snakes.

Owls are nocturnal predators that can be found throughout Wyoming. The most common owl species in the state is the great horned owl, but other owls such as the barn owl and screech owl can also be found here. Owls typically eat small mammals such as mice or voles, but they will also eat birds if given the opportunity.

Falcons are fast-flying predators that make their homes in open areas like grasslands or deserts. There are four main types of falcon found in Wyoming: peregrine falcons, merlin falcons, gyrfalcons, and prairie Falcons. Peregrine falcons are perhaps the best known type of falcon; they were once endangered but have since made a strong comeback thanks to conservation efforts.


Wyoming is home to a variety of feathered friends, including the majestic bald eagle. While you're hiking in the Bighorn Mountains, keep your eyes peeled for golden eagles or peregrine falcons. You might even spot a whooping crane wading through one of the state's many wetlands.
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